Company profile

Nová provozovna
Our company SEMET Ltd has been established in 1992 on the base of former machinery works. It is specialised and concentrated on production and supplies of metal sheet parts for other consumers and for their production. An important position in this program belongs to production of ready-made sheet items finished by powder varnishing and assembled to their definite appearance. These activities represents about 80 % of total production capacity.

Původní provozovna Another neighbour field is our production of welded steel constructions. Rather significant, for its volume is also our production of metalworking flanging machines, rolling machines for metal sections and tubes, hand –operated and pneumatic presses for matalworkers and for other workmanship.

We do achieve satisfaction of our customers by the high quality of our products. Our up-to-date equipment represented by CNC machinery as well as the reliable working team became the base to our prompt and quality fulfilling of agreed deliveries. Further important step taken in our company development was the establishment and finalization of the new production hall. That enabled us integration of different workshops into a technologically complete unit.