LP 320/13, LP 320/17

The pneumatic device is to be used for punching, bending and mounting operations in small series.

The device is made of a welded housing with fixation holes at the base. There is an adjustable console used as monkey guide. A pneumatic cylinder is fixed to the console; it gives the pressure source. The device is made in two-hands operating with possibility to use a foot-switch. Tools are given on special order.

LP 13 LP 17
Working force under 0.6 MPa 13 kN 17 kN
Return wiping force 4 kN 4 kN
Working depth 300 mm 300 mm
Working height 220 mm 220 mm
Monkey hole Ø 14 H7 Ø14 H7
Fixation dimensions 250 x 200 mm 250 x 200 mm
Machine sizes lenght 690 mm 690 mm
width 380 mm 380 mm
height 910 mm 990 mm
Machine weight 62 kg 65 kg

This pneumatic device is produced as three-cylindric type (13 kN) or four-cylindric type (17 kN).